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What are social media campaigns?

In a nutshell, social media marketing services are a form of marketing in which you use the power of social media to reach your business goals. Using your chosen social media platform, we design a coordinated campaign of ads, posts, or reels to increase awareness of your company and drive traffic to your website. You may choose a platform like Instagram or Facebook, as well as many other options. A well-designed campaign will incorporate posts across several different platforms to present a harmonious, organized brand identity.

Getting started with your social media campaign

At Rea Rivera Marketing, we begin with a free consultation to assess your business’s needs and goals. We will first determine if your principal goal is to gain new customers or increase engagement with existing clients. We will then design a cross-platform campaign that will allow you to reach your business goals.

Through posts and videos on your brand’s social media pages, we will employ techniques like polls, prizes, and discount codes. These tactics will help increase engagement with your brand with both existing clients and potential customers.

How we elevate your social media campaign

We offer social media marketing services that are unique, because your business is unique too! Here are a few ways we can customize a campaign to work with your brand

  • Running giveaways or providing discount codes: Everyone wants to save money. By hosting a giveaway or giving out discount codes, you incentivize engagement and encourage brand loyalty.

  • Performance tracking: Our dedicated social media managers will track your metrics to determine what types of posts work best, how many people you are reaching, and how they are interacting with your posts. Using this information, we will adjust your campaign accordingly to guarantee the most positive results.

  • Increasing brand awareness: By using highly visual platforms like Instagram or TikTok, we grow your brand awareness with photos and videos that showcase your business. We make sure your sponsored ads are being seen by the right audience, thereby increasing the probability of turning a potential client into a loyal customer.

  • Engaging content: It’s not always about driving sales–providing useful information that’s relevant to your business will keep your followers engaged and brand-loyal. Polls and surveys will also allow your followers to easily interact with your brand, which in turn keeps you at the top of their feed.

The plan for success

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A trusted name in the Seattle business world for over ten years, Rea Rivera Marketing has the experience and knowledge to make your social media campaign a success. We have worked with notable organizations like Palo Alto University and The 5 Spot Cafe in Seattle, creating marketing campaigns to elevate and promote their brands.

We were also awarded the prestigious People’s Choice Award in the Seattle Times “Best in the PNW” competition in 2023. As our multiple 5 star Google reviews show, we specialize in customer satisfaction.

We also offer several other valuable services to our clients, like content writing, logo creation, and print advertising services. By providing custom content across a wide range of marketing divisions, Rea Rivera Marketing goes the extra mile to ensure beneficial, observable results for your company’s bottom line.

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