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Are you ready to take your business to the next level with a new website? Or maybe your current page could use an update? If so, contact Rea Rivera Marketing’s experienced team of web designers to give your business a more contemporary online presence!

Website design basics

In today’s overwhelmingly digital world, your online presence is of the utmost importance. If your business doesn’t have a website, or if your page is outdated or clunky, you run the risk of losing customers to your competition. 

At Rea Rivera Marketing, we understand the importance of modern website design. Online shopping has drastically increased in the last decade. In fact, 75% of consumers report that they shop online at least once a month.Online shopping saves time, one of the most precious commodities we possess. Catering to the demand for online shopping will increase your business’s profits.

Even if you don’t offer consumable goods through your business, it’s still crucial to have a modernly designed website. An orderly, functional web page provides contact information and a place to tell your brand’s story. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your business’s best qualities.

We also specialize in mobile websites! It’s important to make sure your website is optimized for mobile users, since 85% of American adults now own a smartphone. Fifteen percent of those users only access the internet from their handheld device. Rea Rivera’s technology experts are ready to start optimizing your mobile website for your potential clients.

Getting started with your new website

It’s so easy to begin! You can contact us by email or this simple online contact form. We will set up your free, no-risk consultation appointment. Before your scheduled appointment, we’ll gather some information from you about your business and what you’d like to accomplish with your new website. This will ensure a smooth, organized meeting–we know your time is valuable! 

Types of website design services

There are several ways to design a website, depending on what kind of business you are promoting.

  • Static page design: This is a great option if your focus is more on providing information than selling a physical product. For example, if you have a lawn care business and want to provide contact information and a place to showcase a few pictures of your work, a static page design would be ideal. The page can be as long as needed and attractively designed to display all necessary information at a glance.

  • Dynamic page design: Dynamic websites are perfect when you want to encourage more customer interaction. With these pages, the user can click through to various other pages on your site, including pages where they can make purchases. Dynamic design is a little more complicated but worth it if you are looking to sell products directly from your website.

  • Responsive page design: Many people access the internet strictly from their mobile device. This is why having a responsive webpage is so important. A responsive website automatically optimizes itself to display correctly whether viewed from a desktop or on a cell phone, making it easier for your potential customer to view your website details.

Your plan for success

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Why choose Rea Rivera Marketing?

As a trusted business leader in the Pacific Northwest for over 10 years, Rea Rivera Marketing is known as a team that gets results. We have worked with prestigious organizations like Palo Alto University and Arista Catering in Seattle. 

We were also awarded the People’s Choice Award in the Seattle Times “Best in the PNW” competition in 2023. And as our many 5-star Google reviews show, your satisfaction is our number one priority. 

We also offer several other beneficial marketing services, like print advertising, event management, and logo creation. Let Rea Rivera Marketing handle all your marketing services, saving you both time and money!

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